Make sure your buyers know you'll be there!

Marketing trade-industry-only wholesale shows is tough because you can't count on word-of-mouth advertising to attract buyers. Buyers don't talk to each other - they don't want to spill the beans on where they get the best products!

This is where YOU come in. Market to your buyers! Let them know you'll be there and get them to register. If every exhibitor marketed to their list, there would be a bunch of new buyers = new accounts. Someone else's buyer could end up carrying some of your lines and visa versa!

How You Can Advertise:

1. Download the 'Buyer Invitation' or 'Email Header' and include it in an enewsletter to your buyer list. Make sure to include the fact that you'll be there, your booth number, and any new product lines that you're excited about.

Goal: Send 3 enewsletters to your list between now and March 5th.

2. Download the Social Media Graphics for Facebook and Instagram and post them to your feeds. Make sure to include a link to the GWGL Buyer Registration site so they can easily register:

Goal: Post 8 times on Facebook and/or Instagram between now and March 5th.

3. Put one of the graphics on your website. Use the email signature, email header or either social media graphic on your own website! Need a custom size? Just let us know. 

Goal: Add a banner to your website before February 15th

4. If you keep a calendar of the shows you're doing on your website, or if you email/mail out a marketing piece to your buyer list, make sure you list Girls With Great Lines, including a link to the website ( and the show dates & location.

5. Download the 'Email Signature' and add it to all of your emails! Make sure to customize it with your booth number.

Goal: Add Email Signature by January 15th.

6. Don't forget to prospect buyers whose stores you're trying to get into! Call them directly and invite them to the show. Then follow up by sending a short email with the show information.

Goal: Invite 10 prospective buyers to the show by February 22nd.

7. Prefer snail mail? We have extras of the invitations that were mailed to the buyer list. But it can't hurt for you to send one too, especially with a personal note or a show-only discount coupon! Just contact us, letting us know how many you need, and we'll put them in the mail to you.