Buyer FAQs

Here's the answers to questions you might have....

What is the cost to register?

Registration for qualified wholesale buyers is FREE! We ask that you pre-register so that we can accurately plan for things like show guides, buyer gift bags, staffing, etc.

When will I receive my name badges?

Badges are mailed beginning a month out from the show. If you have not received your badges with 10 days of registering, please contact our office. We are also happy to print your badges out for you onsite, for no charge, if you have not received them in the mail.

May I register for the show onsite?

Yes you may, though we prefer you pre-register so that we can accurately plan for things like show guides, buyer gift bags, staffing, etc.

Why do I need to bring Business ID?

GWGL is only open to qualified wholesale buyers. The exhibitors have invested significant time, energy and money to be able to connect directly with buyers who are interested in wholesale. We protect that investment by ensuring they are not distracted by the general public or solicited by companies looking to sell their services. Your business ID helps us ensure that you are a qualified buyer for admittance.


Do I need to bring Business ID if I've attended in the past and/or pre-registered?

Yes, you still need to provide two forms of business ID for admittance.

Do I need two forms of Business ID for each person attending with me?

No, two forms of business ID for the group is fine.

What qualifies as a form of Business ID?

Any of the following items would qualify as business ID: re-sale certificate, company check, company credit card, pay stub w/ company name, business card, utility bill with company name or logo'd clothing.

Why is no one under 16 allowed admittance?

GWGL is an active buying environment where business to business transactions are happening. While the show is definitely fun to attend, it's not entertainment. The environment is not appropriate for children. Additionally, the show can be dangerous for young curious hands, particularly in the specialty food section where heating mechanisms are used. Lastly, many of exhibitors have dedicated significant time and expense to their booth displays and we don't want to take the risk that young curious hands could disturb or damage those displays & products.

What if my child is just a baby?

The only exception to our age limit is a baby-in-arms. Stroller are not permitted. The baby must be secured to an adult by a front or back child pack and must remain in the pack at all times on the show floor.

Is the show handicap accessible?

Yes, persons with disabilities should have easy access to the show. However, we highly encourage you to contact us in advance so that we can accommodate any reasonable special needs you may have.

Will I be able to take my show orders home with me?

We're sorry but no. GWGL is not a cash & carry show. GWGL is strictly an order writing show. You may arrange with exhibitors to pick up product via their hotels or another venue but the exhibitors have been informed that product is not to leave the show floor during the show - this is strictly enforced.

Where do I park/How much is parking?

There is plenty of free parking onsite at the Sea Crest Hotel.

May I bring my pet into the show with me?

Unfortunately no. The only animals permitted in the show are service dogs that do not provide a disturbance to the show.

What is your policy on service animals?

In accordance with the Maine Human Rights Act, service animals, as defined in 5 MRSA, section 4592(8), of the revision dated April 2016, are permitted to accompany disabled individuals into the event provided the animal is under the control of its handler at all times, is housebroken, does not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others, does not damage the property of others or interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of others. Service animals must be on a leash/halter/tether at all times unless the use of such device directly interferes with the animal’s ability to perform its function. Assistance animals, as defined in 5 MRSA, section 4553(1-H), will not be permitted entry into the event.